Get Prepared
Our recruitment process, step by step
You’ll have three interviews
We recruit via a series of three one-on-one meetings or small panel meetings with at least three of our managers. These interviews may
be in person, by video, by telephone, or a combination of all three.
Sound daunting? Not really. Our goal is simply to really get to know you.
We give you everything you need to fully understand our company, our interview process, and the job offer in question. That way, you can make an informed decision about whether to join us. You can even ask to chat with one of our employees to get a feel for what Arkadin’s really like.

What we expect from you

During your interviews, we’ll focus on three key areas: CAN DO: the qualifications and talents you possess to do the job you’re applying for; WILL DO: motivation for joining Arkadin and your vision for a career with us; FIT: how well you match with our company, our values, and the team you would be joining. It’s up to you to convince us, with your head and with your heart, that you have what it takes.

What you can expect from us
As an applicant, we’re committed to treating you with dignity and respect. We will consider you fairly for job opportunities for which you have the right qualifications. We’ll communicate with you rapidly after your interviews to tell you about the outcome and next steps. And should we offer you the position, we’ll give you the best possible offer the first time. That’s a promise.